ZEROdB Bart Party with DUFFREY and KRAKINOV 4/17/16

And we’re back for another Bart party on 4/17!

For this round, we have Wormhole residents DUFFREY and KRAKINOV holding it down!



Reserve headphones with the above link

Get to the Ashby Bart station before 3:30PM. We gather on the platform above the bart station. There are stairs to your left or right as you exit the bart station. We start gathering at 2:30. Get there as early as possible so we can check everyone in smoothly!

We then ride the train to Fremont and back. The excursion fee for just riding the train is $6. It will be closer to $9 if you want to exit the station to smoke in Fremont.

NO SMOKING, EATING, OR DRINKING ON THE PLATFORM OR ON THE TRAINS! These are standard Bart rules. You will be ticketed and you risk getting the event shut down, especially if you drink alcohol or smoke anything. Don’t ruin it for everyone else!