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08 Jan

New Music from Our Friend Psy Fi

Posted by admin

Oakland based music producer Psy Fi just put out his new EP Colors on Mallabel and it is beyond sick! With remixes from Holis, perkulat0r, Hypha, and Muppet Punk, it hits hard and is really getting us through this lovely Friday! Our personal favorite track is Redliner with its heavy trap/glitch vibes! Check out the release here:

15 Dec

3 Reasons to Go Silent Disco

Posted by admin


After many years of doing business, we have seen numerous use cases for silent disco: adding a second area to your party, bringing the noise without bringing the pain of noise ordinance tickets, and having a dance party where amplified sound is not allowed are but a few of them.

Even when you can have amplified sound, there are still good reasons to rent a silent disco rig for your next event.

1. Variety

89-Street Ritual Bart PartyMost silent disco partygoers cite the variety of music/audio channels as their favorite part of a silent disco event. If you don’t like the music on one channel, you can change it with the flick of a switch. The variety factor also comes into play at events with amplified sound; if attendees don’t like the music on one channel, they can grab a pair of headphones and enjoy something completely different even if they’re still by the sound system with their friends.

2. Eye Candy

too big silent disco

While this reason is not immediately obvious when one thinks of silent disco, hundreds of people wearing silent disco headphones adds a lot great lighting atmosphere in a unique way. Most silent disco headphones have LED lights on the side of them which either blink or show the color that people are on. When you have hundreds of people in the same place enjoying silent disco, you have a beautiful sea of lights throughout your event.

 3. Conversation

12-Street Ritual Bart Party

Remember the last time you had a conversation at a live show? More likely than not, you were yelling into your friend’s ear and hearing half of what he/she had to say. With a silent disco event, you just take off your headphones and have a nice conversation with the music in the background around your ears.

Regardless of the reason, silent disco is a unique experience that you should try at least once in your life. When you do, be sure to take off your headphones and marvel at everyone around you dancing to different rhythms in silence. It’s always a trip for us, no matter how many events we do.

Never been to a silent disco before or want to experience more? Follow our Facebook page or email us at for rates and availability.

Photo Credits

1. Bleep Bloop Playing on the SF Bart Train January 2013. Photo by Ryan Hammer

2. Street Ritual Bart Takeover 2014. Photo by Kenny Hoff

3. 20Mission Too Big Party 2015. Photo by Kara Cooper

4. Street Ritual Bart Takeover 2014. Photo by Kenny Hoff


15 Dec

3 Ways to Use Silent Disco as an Employee Perk

Posted by admin

Looking to provide something new and exciting for your employees after a long work week? There are a wide variety of ways you can use silent disco to show appreciation for your employees.

1. Dance Party


Hosting a dance party with silent disco headphones is the most common use for them for good reason. In giving people a choice whether to listen to music or not, it also provides multiple music channels that can cater to everyone’s needs. Not liking the electronic music on channel 1? Switch over to channel 2 for some classic rock. The system can be used to play playlists, have a live dj, or even transmit audio from a band!

2. Karaoke Night

Since silent disco can be used to play music to our headphones, you can additionally plug in a microphone and set up a teleprompter for a karaoke night! Silent disco karaoke events are especially funny when you take off your headphones and hear someone singing without any music in the background.

3. Game Night


Silent disco headphones can also be used for a variety of games to spice up an event: twister, bingo, and scavenger hunts are common uses. You can even have different games over different channels to give people choices.

To really make things unique, you could even use all three of these event types and have each of them on their own channel!

Interested in having a silent disco at your next corporate party or event? Send us an email at for rates and availability!

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